• Yesterday Chris came to the office on foot.  Everyday this week Chris has come to the office on foot.
  • Do you know how far it is?
  • He’s never founded easy to hit his deadlines
  • He’ve always found it difficult to understand each other
  • Can you put me through to Juan please?
  • Do you know why we are here?
  • You’ll find it difficult to get a reservation there!
  • We don’t have enough money
  • He’s not tall enough
  • Is that George, ok put him through
  • How do I put calls trough to you?
  • This suitcase is too heavy
  • This street is two narrow for my car
  • The walls are so thin you can hear everything
  • I was born in England
  • Yeasterday I ate toast.   No es fa servir la s per fer plurals aquí.  Seria erroni.
  • Johnny was born in the early sixties
  • Everyday this week Chris has come to the office on foot
  • He said he was very pleased with that report you did
  • I’m still in contact with him
  • Sixty thousand and sixty
  • Sixteen thosand and seventy
  • What time is it?
  • We don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough resources
  • I think we have enough people
  • We probably have enough milk
  • Is there enough time?
  • Is this small enough?
  • The secretary never puts me through to the manager
  • I don’t understand, why won’t they put you through?
  • How do I put calls through to you?
  • He never puts anyone through to Tom
  • Do you know how to put calls through to someone else on this phone?
  • To put a call through to someone else, use this button
  • If you want to put customers through to someone else, click here.
  • Put me through to someone else, you’re not helping
  • No! Don’t put me through to someone else, you’re the fifth person I’ve spoken to.
  • The protestors threw stones at the police
  • We caught the last bus home after the concert
  • With all this dust you have to sweep the floor nearly every day.
  • I can’t believe she trew the cat down the stairs
  • In the end my parents didn’t catch the bus they caught a taxi
  • Did you really throw the box down the stairs?
  • How many boxes have you thrown down the stairs?
  • Have you ever caught a cold in august?
  • What does Paul say he is not interested in doing regarding Taylor & Associates?  He says he’s not interested in joining them.
  • What according to Paul wouldn’t Taylor&Associates wouldn’t to do?  They wouldn’t be able to pay him what he receives in his current company.
  • He won a couple of milion pounds on the lottery
  • He spent a couple of thousand on fixing his car
  • A couple of milion people lives in this country
  • He made a couple of hundred when he sold his painting
  • That sketch is probably worth a couple of milion
  • He blew a couple of thousand dollars at the Casino the other day
  • We blew a couple of hundred euros on the weekend
  • How can you blow a couple of thousand in one night?
  • He made a couple of milion euros when he sold his company
  • We’ll win the contract if we give a good presentation
  • He’s made a killing om the stock market
  • He made a killing trading derivatives
  • The national debt is spiraling out of control
  • Do you really think we should nationalize the health service?
  • Unemployment in this area is far above the national average
  • He hasn’t gotten around to finishing the report yet
  • When are you going to get round to answering your e-mails?
  • Did you get around to calling your brothers?
  • Last year was rough for my brother
  • There has been a short increase of the number of tourists this year
  • Have they swept the kitchen floor?
  • Do you honestly think I deal with Taylor behind your back?
  • He’s got a couple of thousand rare stamps in his collection
  • If it’s sunny I’ll go to the park tomorrow
  • If she calls me tonight I’ll be happy
  • If you study a lot you’ll pass your exams
  • If I finish work early this evening I’ll go to the supermarket
  • If he make a big effort he will pass the exam
  • She’ll go to sleep if we sing to her
  • If we don’t win the match we won’t qualify for the final
  • If you don’t give me the money back I won’t be able to pay the morgage
  • If she’s not excited about the project she won’t invest her money
  • We’ll make a killing with the new business
  • He didn’t exactly make a killing as a professional footballer
  • They made a killing selling computers
  • He made a killing as district attorney
  • A national comission has been set up to look into the matter of foreign nationals entering the country
  • They say that if we don’t nationalize the industry, prices will spiral out of control
  • All the people involved were french nationals

Ordenant, de més formal a menys formal, podem saludar a una persona dient:   How are you? > How are you doing? > What’s up!

  • Ok, I’ll take it just in case it rains
  • Ok, I’ll take it just in case
  • Ok, I’ll take it in case it rains
  • I’m going to wear a coat just in case it rains
  • She’s going to take a bikini just in case it’s sunny.
  • They’r going to take skiis just in case it snows
  • It probably won’t rain but I’m going to take an umbrella just in case
  • It probably won’t rain but I’m going to take a coat just in case

•Surgery: Consulta
•Postpone: Aplaçar
•Parcel: Paquet
•Collect: Recollir
•Gently: Delicadament, amb carinyo. …Treat her gently : Trátala con cariño.
•Order: Comanda
•Invoice: Factura
•Curly hair – Cabell arrissat
•Polite – Amable
•Bookshelf – Estanteria
•Vowel – Vocal
•Vocal – Vocal (persona)
•non-smoker – No fumador
•Who offers to pay for something? – Qui s’ofereix a pagar per alguna cosa
•I am hard-working – Sóc molt treballador
•I want to find someone who can give me a lift – Vull trobar a algú que em porti (en cotxe).
•Talk / Walk / – La lletra “L” que hi ha abans de la “K” no es
•pronuncia…..sonaria una cosa així com: toc / guoc
•Eudald’s stuff – Les coses de l’Eudald
•Worthy – Quelcom que val la pena
•I missed out the train – Vaig perdre el tren
•A sightseeing holiday – Unes vacances guiades
•Go on holiday – Anar de vacances
•Have a look – Fer una ullada
•Stall – “Puesto de mercado” ….parades de mercat.


You may do a bit of sightseeing on holiday, or you may do a lot of sightseeing, but you will probably go to a museum or art gallery, and see or visit some of these things: Temple, Castle, Cathedral, Market, Fountain, Statue, Palace. Many people go on a sightseeing tour of a town (usually in a bus); they can also go on a tour of the castle / the cathedral / the art gallery, etc. When you are sightseeing, it helps to buy a guidebook (= a book of information for tourists) and a map of the town you are in. Things that tourists often do on holiday:
•Look round the shops / have a look round the shops
•Take photographs
•Spend a lot of / lots of money
•Buy souvenirs (= typical products form the country)
•Get lost (= lose their way)
•Go out most evenings (= go to different places for social reasons, e.g.restaurant or disco)
•Have a good / great time (= enjoy themselves)

Describing places

The word place is very common and can describe a building, an area, a town, or country:

Bruges is a lovely place (= town) and we found a really nice place (= hotel) to stay. The town is full of interesting places (= areas / buildings).

These words are often used when we describe places:

Venice is beautiful but it’s always packed (= very crowded / full) with tourists in the summer.

New York is very cosmopolitan. (= full of people from different countries and cultures).

Vienna has lots of historical monuments. (= places, e.g. castles, built a long time ago).

Many beautiful cities have become very touristy. (= a negative word: too much tourism).

Sao Paolo is a really lively place 8= full of life and activity) and the night-life is fantastic.

Note: If you want to ask if it is “a good idea” to visit a place, you can use worth + -ing:

a: If I go to Scotland, is it worth spending a few days in Glasgow?

b: Yes definitely. And if you want to travel round a bit, it’s worth renting a car.

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