• Pesat – Heavy
  • Lleuger – Light
  • Prim/Fi – Thin
  • Gruixut – Thick
  • Estret – Narrow
  • Ampli – Wide
  • Nèt – Clean
  • Brut – Dirty


  • Recte – Straight
  • Doblat – Bent
  • Afilat / Punxagut – Sharp
  • Desafilat – Blunt
  • Aspre – Rough
  • Suau – Smooth
  • Llefiscós – Slippery
  • Enganxós – Sticky
    • Can’t you walk in straight line
    • After the party I found the kitchen dirty and sticky
    • I found the pipe completely bent
    • It’s always much safier to work with blunt scissors
    • My grandmother was abaout to fall down the floor was wet and slippery
    • I’ll just go straight to the point
    • They always make very sharp comments
    • The road to hapiness is not always smooth
    • Ther’s been a sharp increase in the number of tourists this season
    • My sister worked for this company for six straight years.


  • Alt – Tall
  • Baixa – Short
  • Lleig-Lletja – Ugly
  • Pobre – Poor
  • Guapo – Handsome
  • Prim-a – Slim
  • Aspre – Rough
  • Dur /Difícil/Gruixut – Tough
    • Is Pau Gasol tall or short?  He’s tall
    • Is Maradonna tall or short? He’s short
    • Is Sevilla beautiful or ugly?  It’s beautiful
    • Is Bill Gates rich or poor? He is rich
    • Is the Pink Panther beautiful or slim? It’s slim (és un animal, per això diem It’s)
    • Is this small enough?
    • Is he tough enough?
    • He’s not tall enough!
    • I don’t have enough time to get the bus at the station

Sobre els horaris:    Quan diem Half, la ‘l’ no es pronuncia.

  • It’s quarter to six
  • It’s quarter past three
  • It’s half past nine
  • It’s nine o’clock

Sobre els números:  Cal tenir present que darrera de’hundred’ sempre hi va ‘and’ igual que entre el ‘thousand’ i les desenes.

  • Two hundred and forty
  • Two thousand handred and twenty-five dollars
  • Seventeen thousand and sixty
  • Sixteen thousand and seventy

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